The life of this world is wind. Windblown we come, and windblown we go away. All that we look on is the windfall. All we remember is wind.

-Charles Wright

Our Mission

Capital City Renewables, Inc. (CCR) is an employee owned company whose mission is to contribute to the development of wind farms in the United States and beyond.

Since inception 8 years ago, CCR has contributed to the development of many wind farms in the United States. We pride ourselves on leading in met tower services and creating leaders from within.

Our Team

At CCR, we understand the importance of accurate wind energy data for developing a new project or maximizing the returns of an existing wind energy project. We work with wind developers, wind energy equipment manufacturers, utility companies, wind farm owners/operators, and consultants to advance wind projects with reliable wind energy assessment services. Our commitment to quality and safety is apparent on every wind project we complete.

Kiril Lozanov


Mike Kirsling

Project Manager and Consultant

Amy Kirsling

Director of Business Development and Operations

David Evanshank

Crew Leader

Skilled Team of Wind Energy Assessment Professionals

Our multi-disciplined team of engineers, meteorologists, and consultants create a tailored suite of services, to maximize the financial performance of wind energy projects throughout the United States and Canada. The CCR met tower installation team has years of experience in all aspects of wind energy assessment including met tower procurement, installation, and removal.

CCR is known for delivering high quality wind energy assessment services throughout all stages of wind energy assessment and power performance verification campaigns. Throughout the Midwest and Northeastern United States and beyond, we bring years of experience to wind energy assessment campaigns.


Access to Leading Wind Assessment Equipment & Met Towers

Our clients appreciate that we have access to the most durable and innovative met tower equipment on the market. CCR is the exclusive dealer and installer of SME Wind equipment, and we are bringing this proven European technology to North American wind assessment campaigns. As an employee-owned company, the CCR team takes pride in offering an exceptional level of customer service on every job.

Quickly Complete Met Tower Repairs

The CCR team conducts wind quality data checks to ensure highly accurate wind data collection. If an issue arises on a wind assessment project and a met tower repair is needed, our crew is skilled in safely climbing towers and resolving the issue.

Do you want to bring years of wind energy assessment experience to your next project?

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