Met Towers

Met Towers

Driven by a passion for accuracy, reliability, and innovation, CCR installs a variety of tilt-up tubular and lattice met towers throughout the United States and Canada. Our services include procurement, design, installation, relocation, maintenance and removal of met towers and install Double-K, SME Wind, and NRG wind assessment equipment.

Turnkey Met Tower Systems

CCR installs turnkey lattice and tubular met towers from 50 meters to 120 meters in height with sensors, anemometers, wind vanes, and data loggers. We can handle every aspect of the tower installation, from instrument selection to met tower repair. Our engineers can work with you to select the best equipment for your needs, budget, and project goals.

Reliable Wind Resource Data

We understand the importance of proper met tower installation for gathering accurate wind resource assessment data on wind speed and direction. Our met tower installation crews have an eye for detail that makes this possible. CCR employees have years of experience in met tower installation and are skilled in proper documentation, ensuring accurate wind resource data.

Met Towers on Complex Terrain

CCR has the experience and knowledge to assess wind resources for complex terrains. We also have access to equipment that can withstand extremely high wind speeds, such as SME Wind steel lattice towers. For off-grid sites, we can install a solar power station for data loggers, FAA lights, and data transmission devices. CCR also uses Lidar and Sodar technology as needed to create accurate wind resource data.

Gathering Accurate Hub-height Wind Data

Many wind energy projects need hub-height met tower data to advance. CCR is the leading installer of climbable tilt-up hub height met towers in North America for the wind energy industry. We install tilt-up towers up to 120 meters in height to gather accurate hub-height data. Our lattice towers are climbable, allowing for quick and easy met tower repairs.

Met Tower Relocation

CCR installs some of the most innovative and cost effective met tower equipment on the market. As the exclusive dealer and installer of SME Wind met towers, we install SME Wind hub-height steel lattice towers mounted on a steel plate instead of with a cement pad. This secure method of installing towers allows us to more easily relocate met towers as needed, saving a considerable amount of money.

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Met Towers
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