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CCR procures and installs a variety of reliable met towers in the United States and Canada for wind energy assessment. We specialize in tilt-up lattice towers that are mounted on steel plates because they enable anemometers and wind vanes to be replaced more readily and the met towers are cost-effective to repurpose in new locations.

60 meter XHD TallTowerâ„¢ by Renewable NRG Systems

This highly versatile tilt-up meteorological tower was designed specifically for wind resource assessment. It is ice-rated for cold climates and exceeds EIA-222-F standards. This versatile met tower features strong steel tube construction and is mounted on a steel base plate, with no concrete foundation necessary.

SME Wind Steel Lattice Tower

This versatile tilt-up steel tower is popular in Europe and is now available in North America. This lattice tower is climbable, allowing for a simple met tower repair and maintenance process. This durable tower is mounted on a steel base, which makes it easier to move the tower and recommission it in a new location. CCR installs SME Wind met tower that are 60, 84, and 105 meters in height.

Pentalum’s SpiDAR Wind Lidar

Designed to capture wind data from 20 to 200-meters in height, the SpiDAR Wind Lidar is known for accuracy and ease of use. This technology is recommended to remove wind resource assessment uncertainty and is a cost effective Lidar solution for wind energy projects.

CFD Modeling Software

Designed to help wind developers operate more profitable wind farms, our CFD modeling software is based on computational fluid dynamics. This software helps maximize wind farm energy production with the highest wind speeds and lowest turbulence.

Custom Solar Power Stations

For sites without easy access to power, our custom solar power stations are a great solution. CCR can design a power station that supplies the power necessary to run Lidar equipment and FAA safety lights on met towers.

Anemometers & Wind Vanes

Proper instrument selection is essential for quality wind assessment campaigns. CCR carries some of the most reliable wind assessment instruments on the market for proposed and existing wind projects

Double-K Aluminum Lattice Tower

These tilt-up towers anemometers and wind vanes to be installed while the tower is on the ground, for more accurate wind instrument placement. This tower is climbable, making it easier to conduct repairs or replace instruments. CCR installs Double-K met towers that are 80 and 100-meters in height.

84-meter GeNet Aluminum Lattice Tower

These towers have all of the benefits of tubular towers and do not require a cement foundation, plus they are climbable. GeNet met towers were specifically designed for wind measurement, for more accurate data collection.

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