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As a company specializing in wind resource assessment and met tower installation services, CCR installs Double-K, SME Wind, NRG equipment and self supported towers. Our highly trained met tower installation crews are skilled at completing projects in a variety of climates, topographies, and in remote locations.

Met Tower Installation & Repair Services

CCR completes all aspects of met tower installation services, including met tower site evaluation, procurement, installation, maintenance, removal, and site restoration. If met tower repairs are needed to replace anemometers and wind vanes, our team is ready.

Met Tower Visibility and Bird Diversion

When met tower visibility is an issue, we install met tower visibility markings, FAA lights and conduct solar-powered system installations for FAA lights and heated instruments. To protect wildlife, CCR can install bird diverters.

Wind Data Collection Quality Control

At CCR, we understand how data collection issues and wind assessment equipment failure can hinder the advancement of a wind energy project. We monitor and assess meteorological data to ensure quality wind assessment and power performance verification campaigns.

Lidar and Sodar Sales, Installation & Repair

Remote sensing technologies are playing a larger role in wind resource assessment campaigns. CCR sells, installs, and maintains Lidar and Sodar equipment throughout the United States and Canada.

The CCR team brings years of experience to every wind project. Our commitment to quality and our access to exceptional equipment gives us the ability to handle complex wind energy resource and power performance verification campaigns.

Do you want to bring years of wind energy assessment experience to your next project?

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