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Driven by a passion for accuracy and innovation, CCR provides a variety of wind resource assessment and power verification services. We have access to some of the best met tower equipment on the market and can handle every aspect of met tower procurement and installation.

Our expertise is focused on wind measurement campaigns throughout the United States, with services including met tower installation, maintenance, relocation, and decommission, remote sensing deployment (sodar and lidar), data quality control, and wind data analysis. Even in the harshest environmental conditions, our multi-disciplined team of engineers, meteorologists, and consultants create a tailored suite of services, to maximize the financial performance of wind energy projects.Our highly experienced crews enable us to tackle even the most rigorous met tower installations on complex terrains.

As the exclusive dealer and installer of SME Wind met towers in North America, we are bringing this popular European technology to North America. These met towers are especially attractive because they can be readily recommissioned, withstand extremely high wind speeds, and are climbable for an easier repair process.

The CCR met tower installation crew has years of experience in gathering accurate wind resource data for the wind energy industry. Our goal is to help wind energy projects advance with accurate wind data.

Our Specialties 

Tilt-up towers

Providing installation, decommissioning, and maintenance of a variety of tower types including climbable, tilt-up, and tubular towers.

Wind Data Collection Systems

Installation of turn key wind monitoring systems including met tower and instrument procurement, set-up, programming and testing, and monitoring and quality control of meteorological data.

Remote Sensing

Procuring, installing, and maintaining SODAR and LiDAR equipment, including the innovative and cost-effective Fulcrum3D SODAR.

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