Driven by a passion for accuracy, reliability, and innovation, CCR installs turnkey lattice and tubular met towers at all heights with various sensor and data logger configurations. We can handle every aspect of the tower installation, including procurement, design, micrositing, installation, relocation, maintenance, and decommissioning. Our engineers can work with you to select the best equipment for your needs, budget, and project goals.


CCR installs a variety of tilt-up tubular and lattice met towers throughout the United States and Canada.  Our met tower offerings include towers from some of the most popular and proven manufacturers in the wind resource field.

This versatile tilt-up steel tower is popular in Europe and is now available in North America. This lattice tower is climbable, allowing for a simple met tower repair and maintenance process. This durable tower is mounted on a steel base, which makes it easier to move the tower and recommission it in a new location. CCR installs SME Wind met towers at any height.

This highly versatile tilt-up meteorological tower was designed specifically for wind resource assessment. It is ice-rated for cold climates and exceeds EIA-222-F standards. This versatile met tower features strong steel tube construction and is mounted on a steel base plate, with no concrete foundation necessary.

These tilt-up towers anemometers and wind vanes to be installed while the tower is on the ground, for more accurate wind instrument placement. This tower is climbable, making it easier to conduct repairs or replace instruments. CCR installs Double-K met towers that are 80 and 100-meters in height.

These towers have all of the benefits of tubular towers and do not require a cement foundation, plus they are climbable. GeNet met towers were specifically designed for wind measurement, for more accurate data collection.

Services & Specialties

Our services cover all aspects of the met tower data collection lifecycle, and our experience allows us to conquer challenging sites while assuring all applicable project and governmental permits, guidelines, and conditions are met.

We understand the importance of proper met tower installation for gathering accurate wind resource assessment data on wind speed and direction. Our met tower installation crews have an eye for detail that makes this possible. CCR employees have years of experience in met tower installation and are skilled in proper documentation, ensuring accurate wind resource data.

CCR has the experience and knowledge to assess wind resources and construct met towers in complex terrains and difficult climates. We offer equipment that can withstand extremely high wind speeds and snow/ice buildup, such as SME Wind steel lattice towers. For off-grid sites, we install a climate-specific solar power station for data loggers, FAA lights, and data transmission devices.

CCR installs some of the most innovative and cost effective met tower equipment on the market. As the exclusive dealer and installer of SME Wind met towers, we install SME Wind hub-height steel lattice towers mounted on a small, shallow combination steel/concrete block instead of with a large and deep cement pad. This secure method of installing towers allows us to more easily relocate met towers as needed, saving a considerable amount of money.

At CCR, we understand how data collection issues and wind assessment equipment failure can hinder the advancement of a wind energy project. We monitor and assess meteorological data to ensure high quality wind assessment and power performance verification campaigns.

Need to take your data to the next step?  CCR can clean and validate met tower and remote sensing data and perform energy yield analysis and layout design with the cleaned data.  Designed to help wind developers operate more profitable wind farms, industry standard CFD modeling software is used for projects in complex terrain. This software helps maximize wind farm energy production with the highest wind speeds and lowest turbulence.

Proper instrument selection is essential for quality wind assessment campaigns. CCR carries some of the most reliable wind assessment instruments on the market for proposed and existing wind projects.  These instruments come calibrated from an approved facility and CCR can coordinate replacements and arrange for post-calibration/recalibration services upon calibration expiration.

Our met towers meet or exceed local, state, and FAA requirements for visibility and marking by using FAA red/white paint, FAA nighttime red flashing LED lights with solar/battery power system, orange aviation marker balls, yellow guy wire guards, and ATV/snowmobile signage for anchors.  To protect wildlife, CCR can install bird diverters on guy wires.

Many wind energy projects need hub-height met tower data to move forward. CCR is the leading installer of climbable tilt-up hub height met towers in North America for the wind energy industry. We install tilt-up towers up to and above 120 meters in height to gather accurate hub-height data. Our lattice towers are climbable, allowing for quick and easy met tower repairs.

Do you want to bring years of wind energy assessment experience to your next project?

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